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About ALM

Adivasi Lives Matter is a platform that works towards amplifying Adivasi and Tribal voices of India. The initiative was started in 2016 so that Adivasi/Tribal youth and individuals can create articles and videos highlighting their lives and culture. In the last two years, ALM has trained around 150 youths in the art of digital story-telling. These young girls and boys in turn have contributed 400+ articles and videos highlighting Adivasi issues, language, and culture. 


How Do We Work?

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Meet Our Team

Ashish Birulee

Co-Founder, Project Manager

Hamari Jamatia

Content Editor

Nitesh K.

Asst. Content Editor

Isha C.


Evanjelina Kullu

Social Media Manager

Ashwani V.

Finance Manager

Ankush V.

Manager - Partnerships, Co-Founder

Nisha F.

Asst. Manager - Partnerships

Raunak A.

Digital Solutionist