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Participants learning mobile journalism

About ALM

Adivasi Lives Matter is a platform that works towards amplifying the Adivasi and Tribal voices of India. The initiative was started in 2016 jointly by Ashish Birulee, Ankush Vengurlekar, and Isha Chitnis with a vision to enable Adivasi/Tribal youth and individuals in creating & sharing digital stories about Adivasi culture, language, tradition, and social issues.

Adivasi Awaaz became the platform for training individuals from Adivasi/Tribal backgrounds and the first formal session of Adivasi Awaaz was conducted in 2019.

ALM is one of the first platforms to bring Adivasi/Tribal voices from the grassroots to the forefront, through digital content. In the last three years, ALM has trained 200+ Adivasi and Tribal individuals in creating digital content about their way of life, culture, and tradition. These individuals have contributed 500+ articles and videos surrounding Adivasi/Tribal culture and tradition to ALM.

How Do We Work?

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Participants learning to use Facebook li

Our Goal

We envision to become a resource center for Adivasi storytellers, entrepreneurs and professionals so that we can channelise their talent and energy in making Adivasi voices heard.


Meet Our Team


Nitesh Kumar Mahato.jpg

Nitesh K. Mahto

Interim Project Manager

Pankaj Bankira.jpg

Pankaj Bankira

Asst. Project Manager


Ashwani Verma

Finance Manager



Nitesh K. Mahto

Managing Editor

Manoj Kujur.jpg

Manoj Kujur

Asst. Editor

Abhay Majhi.jpg

Abhay Majhi

Asst. Editor


Shalini Kullu.jpg

Shalini Kullu

Graphic Designer

Rahul Hembrom.jpg

Rahul Hembrom

Social Media Intern

Manjul Barla.jpg

Manjul Barla

Graphic Designer

Alice Kujur.jpg

Alice Rita Kujur

Social Media Intern

Tumlesh Neti.jpg

Tumlesh Neti

Social Media Intern

Kamal Jamatia.HEIC

Kamal Jamatia

Social Media Intern

State Co-ordinators

Kamal Jamatia.HEIC

Kamal Jamatia



Kavi Priya

Tamil Nadu

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