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Help revolutionize Adivasi participation in the digital sphere Today!

We need your support to keep our operations running and to ensure more Adivasi representation on all digital platforms.
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Support a creator to write 3 articles


Support a creator to write 3 articles along with a video


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Support a creator to write an article


Support a creator to write an article along with a video


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Did you know?


By supporting creators in sharing their stories from rural areas you will help us: 

  • Bring more Grassroot digital stories. 

  • Drive digital inclusion of more Adivasi women. 

  • Create more spaces for conversations for and by Adivasis, like ALM’s Adivasi Awaaz Summit 2021 & 2022.

  • Pioneer projects to revitalize endangered Adivasi languages and promote Adivasi culture. 

Invest in our Adivasi creators to bring out grassroots stories to the world!

How is your money utilized
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