Glimpse of Adivasi Awaaz Summit 2021

The indigenous people of India have historically faced umpteen challenges of identity and basic rights. Having been the original inhabitants of the land, they have protected the environment and created their own forms of self-governance over hundreds of years. However, despite forming a population of 104 million, they are massively under-represented in the economic and political spheres, not to mention their invisibility in the mainstream media.


The struggles of Adivasis were further compounded last year due to the global pandemic. There are certainly some learnings and stories that have emerged from the Adivasi's historical experiences as well as contemporary challenges. To bring forth these narratives, ALM is launching its first Adivasi Awaaz Summit to provide a platform for the sharing of these stories, cultural understandings, and general perceptions. The summit is part of our endeavor to consistently create spaces for conversations about various aspects of being an Adivasi.

What's there in Adivasi Awaaz Summit?

The Adivasi Awaaz Summit will witness three events leading up to the International Day of World’s Indigenous Peoples that is celebrated on August 9th every year.

Panel Discussion

We are organizing three panel discussions, one each on August 3rd, August 5th, and August 7th. These discussions are divided on the basis of Adivasi involvement in the field of writing, videography/film-making, and social media.

Online Concert

There is a saying among the Oraon Adivasis, “Ekna dim tokna, Baa’na dim parna,” meaning "Walking is dancing and talking is singing." On August 8th, the summit will present live music shows by Adivasis from different parts of the country as a celebration of indigenous art and culture.

Creators' Collage

In order to promote content creation among Adivasis and provide a platform for their amplification, Adivasi Awaaz Summit invites entries from different parts of the country in the form of articles, videos, and social-media page nominations. The best entries will receive some exciting goodies.