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The search for Adivasi bloggers, vloggers, and influencers is on! 

If you are an Adivasi creator from Chattisgarh, Tripura, and Tamil Nadu who want their voices amplified, join our training course curated with your needs in mind!


The 7-day intensive course will have training sessions with award-winning trainers who will guide you on how to become a digital storyteller. Learn how to use your talent and uniqueness to make content for a worldwide audience. Be seen and be heard!

Training dates for Tripura:- September 3rd to September 9th

Training dates for Chhattisgarh:- September 12th to September 18th

Training dates for Tamilnadu:- October 8th to October 14th


Are you an Adivasi or Tribal Youth who wants to be the voice of your culture and community? 

Participants in a training of Adivasi Aw

How to Apply? - It's as easy as 1-2-3...

  • Fill out the short form on our website

  • Prepare a sample of your writing (400-word article), or 2-minute video, or a 15-second reel that showcases your journalism or filmmaking, or social media talent!

  • Upload your content on Instagram, tag us @adivasilivesmatter and use the hashtag #AdivasiAwaaz2021

What's in the store?

  • 7-day training with leading trainers in the industry

  • Merchandise kit with ALM T-shirt, masks, and tote bag. 

  • Tips and guidance on how to become a digital storyteller

  • Courses on how to write articles, how to make videos, and how to make optimum use of social media

  • Paid internship opportunities with Adivasi Lives Matter

  • Access to 45 exclusive training videos in Hindi, Tamil, and English 

  • Guest interactions with the biggest names in journalism, filmmaking, and social media.

Training Process

Selected candidates will be invited to our training centers in Chattisgarh, Tamil Nadu, and Tripura where they will be trained in person by our team of experts. 

Candidates will be required to stay at the center for seven days.


Each selected participant will be required to pay Rs. 1000/- to sign up for the course. Accommodation and food for the duration of the training will be provided.


Over the last two years, #AdivasisAwaaz Academy has mentored over 140 digital storytellers, who have created 400+ original content pieces


+ What will I learn from the course?

+ Why should I enroll in these courses?

+ Why is the course aimed at Adivasis?

+ Is this the right time to be enrolling in this course?

+ I am already enrolled in college and have lots of work. How can I fit the course into my busy schedule?

+ Does this course have any relevance in making my career?

+ What is Adivasi Lives Matter?

+ What is Adivasi Awaaz?

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