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According to a survey of India's leading media houses, conducted by Oxfam India and Newslaundry in 2019, these were the key findings:

No more than 5% of all articles in English newspapers are written by Dalits and Adivasis. Hindi newspapers fare slightly better at around 10%. Also, three out of every four anchors of flagship debates are upper caste. Not one is Dalit, Adivasi, or OBC.

We, Adivasis and Tribals, are the most prolific storytellers with a treasure of oral knowledge and history. Yet, mainstream media routinely ignores our voices and the stories that we have to tell. Over the last two years, #AdivasisAwaaz Academy has mentored over 140 digital storytellers, who have created 400+ original content pieces.

We now have the opportunity to tell our own stories. To get trained on this, register below.


Are you an Adivasi or Tribal Youth who wants to be the voice of your culture and community?

Participants in a training of Adivasi Aw

What is Adivasi Awaaz Academy?

A 2 week, online workshop power-packed with activity-filled sessions on digital storytelling, mobile journalism, and mobile video production followed by an opportunity to cover stories of your Adivasi/Tribal community and earn income.


What will I learn from it?

  • Perfecting mobile journalism to tell your own stories.

  • Building effective stories with minimal resources.

  • Digital photography and mobile filmmaking to tell better stories.

  • Master social media channels to share your Adivasi Awaaz with the world.

How will it benefit me?

  • Training and mentorship by award-winning trainers at ALM.

  • Opportunity to learn from existing mobile journalists of ALM.

  • Over 45 recorded videos to learn at your own pace in Hindi, English, and Tamil. 

  • Opportunity to earn up to Rs. 10,000 per month from your articles and videos.

  • A growing community of Adivasi content creators and journalists.

  • A certificate at the end of the course.


I'm interested! Where do I sign up: Press the button below and fill out the form!*

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*At present, we are accepting applicants from Tripura, Chhattisgarh, and Tamil Nadu. If you live in any of these states, Apply NOW!


Over the last two years, #AdivasisAwaaz Academy has mentored over 140 digital storytellers, who have created 400+ original content pieces


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