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It has become very difficult for families to find forest vegetables

On the way to the New Year and on the way to the old year, we have this beautiful life for twelve months. Within these twelve months, we have warm days, winters, fog, good times and bad times in our lives, and the good times, we welcome the new year and memories remain. As the forest leaves change, the rains fail to arrive, and the cold days pass, the poor families living in the villages face many problems. Today we will discuss this topic.

Drupati Debbarma, someone from the Chandithakur village says "We survive by daily attendance if we don't get work for one day our family faces various problems. For the below-poverty-line family, there is no problem with rice, we can easily buy it in a ration shop at a low price and in my family, I no longer have any problem. I stay with my husband. There is no problem, there is a forest next to our village and from there we live a good life with forest vegetables. But the problem for the poor is when the winter days are over and there are no new vegetables in the forest because there is no rain. Vegetables were also available at that time but all the poor families in the village depended on these vegetables and they would run out quickly. And those who are rich buy vegetables in the market, such as cauliflower, cabbage, radish, etc.”

What would have been a problem in getting forest vegetables?

“Available in the forest but with only a few bamboo shoots, it becomes difficult to find anything in the forest and all the poor families depend on it. Some people in the village used to go to the deep forest to look for "Jungle Patatto" (we called it "THA"), but we could not go so deep in the forest because we were old. We depend on what vegetables we get around the house. It was called in the Kokborok language - Gamai Bubar, Chichiri, Elengcha, Samsota.

Many problems arise in cow farming:

A village farmer named Sunaton Debbarma, village Chandithakur Para, his problems are: When the mother cow gives milk - she gives that milk to those who need it. I used to get some income from that milk. But at that time the cow's mother's milk stopped coming because cow fodder was not properly available in the forest.

There are several problems for those who have no more fuelwood in the forest:

Nandita Debbarma is a widowed woman. Had to buy many things like gas, vegetables, etc. She cannot run anymore - for the fuelwood is not even found in the jungle.

New Year is a beautiful and joyful time for village people. Bad times are gone - the new year has arrived. The trees are transformed into fresh leaves. Villagers say that when bad times go, good times come.


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