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The Flower called 'Princess'(Part 2)


Ancient Tamil Nadu is proud of the Kurinji flower as the foremost flower. Almost 2,000 years have been completed since the birth of Kapilar's Kurinji song. It contains a list of 99 flowers including Kurinji flowers with details. The speciality of the flower is that it blooms once in twelve years. Accordingly, these flowers are expected to bloom in the Nilgiris by 2030.

Kurinji Flower


District Collector Vinay had announced that the year 2018 would be celebrated as the "Kurinji Festival Year" for two months in view of the blooming of Neelakurinji flowers in Kodaikanal hills. In the Kodaikanal hills of the Dindigul district, Neelakurinji flowers, which bloom once in 12 years, bloomed on hundreds of acres of hills at different places. In view of this, the District Collector said that the government has decided to celebrate that year as the year of the "Kurinji festival". The Collector, who personally inspected the Kurinji blooming areas in the Kodaikanal hills, gave this information after consulting with the volunteers and government officials.

District Collector Vinay

Tourist place:

Photographed the rare Kurinji flowers blooming in the hills of Kodaikanal and put them in Bryant Park as a photo exhibition for two months. They also appointed a special team to explain the greatness of the flower to the school students. They organized a photography festival and attracted tourists to Kodaikanal. This Kodaikanal festival was well received not only among the tribal but also among all.


In fact, many people question the fact that Kurinji flowers only bloom once every twelve years. There are wide varieties of Kurinji. There are wide varieties of Kurinji which bloom once in one year, once in three years, and once in six years. Some believe that in ancient times there may have been five colours of these flowers. Only blue and dark blue are found in Nilgiris hill now.

Other Places:

Kothagiri, Koda Nadu, Thottapetta, Melbhavani, and Kuntha can be seen in the months of November and December when Kurinji flowers bloom all over the hills. Kurinji flowers also bloom in Kodaikanal and Munnar hills. The indigenous people consider the beginning of the blooming of flowers as the arrival of spring.

Tribal Expectations:

They consider the beginning of the Kurinji flowering period as the beginning of their festival period. Based on nature, they calculate the arrival of these flowers as the time for their worship. Their weddings and family functions are held during this period. It is special that it is celebrated not only by the tribal Kuravar people but also by countless Adivasis living in the mountains. After this, it will bloom only after 12 years in 2030.

This article is created as a part of the Adivasi Awaaz project, with the support of Misereor and Prayog Samaj Sevi Sanstha.


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