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How can we use Neochamandra japonica as medicine?

We often see the tree called Neochamandra japonica bearing fruit. Not many people know the importance of this tree. Bitter foods can also be used as an effective substance for the recovery of diabetes patients. Here we will learn more about the fruits of the Neochamandra japonica tree.

Neochamandra japonica fruit
Neochamandra japonica fruit

We see many trees around us that can help each other. Bishu Lakshmi Debbarma says that many vegetables and medicinal fruits are available around her house, but many are not aware of them. Bitter foods are very suitable for diabetics. Neochamandra japonica fruit is very bitter, and diabetic patients can eat this fruit and see their results after food. Bitter vegetables are very good for our bodies, even if eaten in small amounts.

Why do we need to eat bitter foods, and what are the benefits of eating bitter foods?

Bishu Lakshmi Debbarma reiterates that we take different medicines for many problems. Similarly, Neochamandra japonica fruit can also be used medicinally. We can eat Neochamandra japonica fruit cooked as a curry. Bitter food is necessary for our various problems. Many villagers eat bitter vegetables once or twice a year and love the bitter food. For some time, it was believed that bitter food was not liked, yet it was eaten to keep the body healthy. Many times we have various problems due to eating, so we prefer bitter food as it cures various diseases.

When are the fruits of Neochandra japonica available?

Neochamandra japonica fruit is available between October and November. This tree bears fruit on various trees and is often seen around villages or on house boundaries. This fruit is red and round in shape when ripe. Neochamandra japonica fruit is no longer found later in the year, especially in October and November.

We have to know all kinds of medicines and the names of the medicines that create this beautiful environment. Neochamandra japonica fruit is very good for our body and can cure other problems. These medicines are easily available in the forest, so we need to know them.

This article has been created as a part of the Adivasi Awaaz project, with the support of Misereor and Prayog Samaj Sevi Sanstha.


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